Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Assassins Dataslate Review

Something interesting I found....



Thursday, 13 February 2014

Minotaur honour guard

The fourth unit in my Minotaurs army to be completed.  This honour guard are a kit bash using the Space Marine Sternguard as a base, Nemisis force weapons from Grey knights, forgeworld shoulder pads / helmets etc, some bits from anvil industries and more...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Minotaur tacictical squads

My second appearance at Vanquish this year and i'll be taking my Minotaurs again.  I haven't used these guys in a while and wanted to get them up to standard this time around.  (Last year I left it too late and only just got 3 colours on them)

My Army has changed due to all the changes in the game. Mainly due to the new space Marine codex but also due to Forgeworld Bringing out appropriate rules for both the Minotaurs as a whole and the Special characters.

Below are some WIP shots as well as some finished pics of my tactical squads.

wip Squad Sgts with combi-gravs

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Army for sale!

A Friend of mine has a ton of stuff to sell.

Lizarsdman army(see pictures below)
all new in boxes.

Forgeworld Eldar

Cobra MkII
~professionally painted and comes with a custom KR case


Spectre squad

He also has a Limited edition Eldar Bonesinger
(these normally go on ebay for £50)

Check the pictures below and if interested I can put you in touch.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Armegeddon! BatRep Warriors of Chaos Vs Dark Elves....

Ok so I fought this battle a couple of weeks ago now and so my mushy brain being what it is is unlikely to get all the facts right but please bear with me..

The Long awaited battle of the Clubs between my Home Club, BattleUX of Uxbridge and the Armageddon Club of High Wycombe took place a couple of weeks ago.

5 (or 6?!) of the Armegedonners rocked up and immediately started the trash talk.  "Who has Kholec ??" Well that was me and so I was paired up with James. A nice guy with a hozwwible Khainite Dark elf army.

here are the forces at play...

My army



Exalted Champion (BSB)
Halberd, warshrine

24 Khorne warriors 
Halberds, full command


3 Dragon Ogres
Great weapons 

14 Nurgle Chosen
Great weapons, full command

3 Skullcrushers

His army (as best I can remember)

Hellbron (Witch elf lord character)
(In the witch elves , unsurprisingly)

Hag (Battle standard)
Cauldron of Blood

Cauldron of Blood

40 witch elves
Full command, +1" charge banner

24 spearmen
Shields, full command

6 dark riders

6 dark riders

10 crossbowmen

40 executioners
Full command

8 Shades

5 harpies

That's right! No magic!! 

My opponent was a really nice guy from the Armageddon club based in High Wycombe. During the pre game niceties I learnt he was a regular on the tournement scene so I realised I was going to have my work cut out. 

My first cunning move happened during the deployment. He was massing his forces to the centre right. My idea was to deploy my General, Kholek and his Dragon Ogres on the left and try and bait him deploy either his witch elves or executioners to oppose them. It didn't work. He ignored me and my dragon ogres would have to slug their way round the left flank to join battle. This guy had game. 

Spells, Festus gains Rancid Visitations a handy magic missile and I plumped for the signature spell.  Being able to cast this into combat will suit me fine. 

My chosen roll for their eye of the gods and receive +1T, naturally. 

We roll off for first turn. I get the +1 (for being hurrendously outnumbered!)

The enemy dark riders vanguard their way forward ready to bait my troops and pepper them with crossbow bolts. 

here is our deployment...

Naturally all forces surge forward.


My left flank
My centre

My right flank

The enemy right

Enemy centre field

Enemy left


Turn one and my forces move up, above you can see the Dragon Ogres and the Nurgle Chosen moving through the village on the hill. 

My Khorne wing on the right also moved up to engage the dark riders and executioners. 

centre field

After my Khorne warriors obliterate the Dark riders on the right they find themselves exposed to the executioners.  I'm quietly confident they can weather the storm until the Skullcrushers pile in next turn. 

Also you see the chariot has had to manoeuvre around the stern on the Khorne warriors due to their over ambitious overrun.   

Again due to an over anticipated overrun this time from the Nurgle chosen seeing off the second unit of Dark riders the Dragon Orges are having to carry out the same manoeuvre and coming round the back of the chosen.  

Kholek did manage to fry 2 shades who were doing a poor job of cowering behind the building in front of him..

In the Centre my BSB managed to turn himself into a Daemon Prince! which sounds great right? Well actually no. 40 gazillion witch elves later he's nothing more than Purple smoke :(

Oh and do you see that 10 man crossbow regiment looking at the flank of my Skullcrushers??

Yep they charged the Flank of my Skull crushers, and they won the combat, and... my skull crushers fled the table. Failing no fewer than 4 Ld tests, 2 with re-rolls.  

In the picture above you can also see 3 Khorne warriors remaining of the 24 which stood there before. turns out even striking last Executioners are tough hombre's. Of course it didn't help that with 24 attacks I hit with only 7, removing only 5 executioners.  When they struck back, (with re-rolls due to eternal hatred) I died, howwibly howwibly.  

So with Khorne well and truly abandoning me i turned to my other units to exact revenge. The chariot charged and (unsurprisingly) wiped out the crossbows.

And the Chosen wiped out the harpies.... The chosen now eyed up the spearmen who moved in to intercept them. 

In other news the witches moved forward and mullered my warshrine, overran with the aim of lining themselves up against the Dragon Ogres. Having seen the sheer volume of dice these girlies put out I was not feeling confident. 

Chosen Vs Spearmen

Witches look to charge the Dragon Ogres

My chariot right before it...

Above we see the almost inevitable conclusion to the Witch / dragon Ogre combat.  Kholek suffered 6 wounds to the hands of Hellbron in a challenge and despite wounding her in return twice I rolled snake eyed for the total wounds. Kholek's Thunderstomp killed 3 or 4 more witch elves but it wasn't enough. My guys broke and were run down. Suffice to safe the rank and file Dragon Ogres didn't get a chance to hit :\

As the dust settled the Chosen and the 30 remaining Executioners line up for bragging rights but at this point he game was at an end.   I would have like to have seen how this combat would have gone. 

I was at T5 with a 5+ regen and sporting great weapons, he outnumbered me almost 2-1 With Festus being good in challenges and his ability to cast into combat also on my side I think I could have won this combat....

...Then again I though I would have hit more than 7 times with 24 attacks

... I though Kholek could have squashed Hellbron

...I thought my Skullcrushers would not have fled the board...


until next time.....